Wednesday, 6 March 2013


Terribly sorry about not being able to post in so long! My computer was broken but now I have a solution so it's okay:D

This week has been eventful... You have a lot to catch up on! There have been parties, big adventurous walks and some very adorable pictures as well as towel fights, lots of games and a LOT of visitors!

So firstly, a couple of weeks ago, we had a party...Well not really a "party" but we invited some family friends round and had a drink(the adults did the drinking not the kids!) but one of their families also brought round their dog called James. If I wanted to be really optimistic about their meeting I'd say it went "okay..." but if I were to tell the truth, it was disastrous  Luka, being his playful, inquisitive self kept having a nose around James, and clearly James was not impressed. There was growling, a bit of nipping and barking(a lot of the last one!). After that, you'd think Luka would learn not to bother dogs who don't want to be bothered, but he never will learn!

Then on the Sunday Mum took Luka to his dog training and what better does he know than to pull my mum over in the sloppy mud! Mum was not impressed and Dad kept teasing her about her incredibly muddy trousers! :D 

Also over the past few weekends, the dog walks round Blue House Farm have become more interesting since Luka now loves to give the geese an early morning wake up call!

After that muddy walk, he had a cold hose down and then when he was dry he was sprayed with this amazing smelling apple shampoo! He smelt so sweet but he only has it rarely:(

On other walks, we've had quite some adventures, but that walk will be in Friday's post as I have so much to say!

Just remembered to tell everyone about Luka's incredible sixth sense the other day. Dad and I were in the kitchen and Mum was out at Cubs. Luka was laying with us and we were playing with him, and suddenly he jumps up, bolts to the front door, barks, then sits down. Obviously Dad and I look out the window and no-one is there, until the security light turns on and mum's car comes in the drive. Now when Luka barked, Mum must of been half-way down the road, so it was amazing that Luka knew his Mummy was coming! (There may be a scientific explanation but for now I'm staying with the cuter one>.<)

One of the funniest videos of Luka has to be the next one, (although it doesn't capture all of it!) when on that random sunny day we had, Mum and Dad decided to do some gardening. After already making sure that the soil in Dad's plant pot was scattered across the paved ground, Luka then decided that he was a gardening expert and wanted to help Dad fill his hole he'd dug(Luka dug the hole, not Dad!). Now one bit that was missed off the video, is when Luka helped to dig it out of the basket, but we have a little clip of Luka being a know-it-all and thinking the soil looks better on the grass rather than in the hole!

One other hobby of Luka's is sock collecting! The amount of times I've caught him running into the utility room, snatching a sock and running away with it is unbelievable. It ends up we're begging and bribing him for it back!

My bright orange sock!
Could you please open the door so me and Mr socky can have some time alone?!
Seriously, would it kill ya' to open the door? i have some socks to chew!
As you can see, Luka certainly keeps up busy chasing around him for socks. And also towels for that matter, this video proves Luka's "complicated" relationship with his towels.

(Adding video tomorrow night when I have more time!)

And that's it! About everything that has happened while you had no posts to go on. Apart from Luka being a little bit ill, but that's worked itself out. On Friday, the post about our incredible walk last weekend will be posted and on Sunday you'll probably have more as Dad might take him to Ryan's rugby or something! Keep me posted on your dogs, I'm sure Luka's excited to see his brother's and sister's in May! That's it for now, bye:D

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Luka on the windowsill!

Very quickly, thought I'd just tell you about how Luka just got on the windowsill!!!!!!

I hope this video works but oh well if it doesn't!

Luka wanted to be a cat for a change.........

Personality of Luka

Sorry, what with school and all I haven't been able to post! But we're back again with  "gossip" about Luka :D

He wanted to write his own blog today....

So I said I'd tell you about his personality and his traits and that's exactly what I'm going to do!

1. Luka never sits on the sofa with us and is happy with his mat on the floor. Luka loves to sit on the sofa with us. When he's up he has no interest of getting down.

2. He hates it when we go. When the twins or mum go out to school he will jump up at the door and whine!

3. Leading on from the second point, whenever someone goes out the front door but leaves the door ajar so they can get back in, Luka takes pride and responsibility in jumping at the door and locking us out for good.

4. He patiently waits for his food and never begs for human food. He will do anything for food! You could have a crumb in your hand and he'll sit waiting to get it like its steak!

5. We go on about 25 miles worth of walks a week so he is very energetic and alert.

6. He doesn't like the guinea pigs or cats! Or for that matter even birds!

7. When we go up to bed, he independently gets in his crate to sleep. 

8. He treats his toys with care and never breaks them. He loves socks to chew, but his antler is about the only toy he hasn't broken yet!

9. If he can't get to sleep, I hum to him and he drifts off eventually!

10. He has a special "scratching spot." If you scratch him just above the area in between the two of his eyes he closes his eyes and goes to sleep on the spot!

11. He is our guard dog. (Although maybe too alert...) If ANYTHING outside the house even flinches he barks and jumps :)

12. He knows the tricks "sit", "stay", "down", "come", "let go( in progress;) )", "out" and "no."

13. Once he's hosed down from muddy walks, he has to be dried, but he HATES towels. If we lay one on the floor for him to lay on while we dry him, he attacks it!

14. Because of our tiled and "slippery" floor, Luka runs on the spot for 5 seconds before his paws actually get a grip on the floor! (It's hilarious!)

15. He knows exactly where he's going and never runs into things. He is very clumsy and often on his race from the lounge to the kitchen (because there's food) he slides into doors, walls and his crate!

So there we have it! 15 facts about Luka that make being him unique! I will keep putting personality fact posts about once a month from now on, but there's today's! Sorry there's only one picture, my iPod has full capacity and I need to remove some photos and Dad's taken his iPad to rugby with Ryan. Anyway, must go, bye:D

Monday, 11 February 2013

Luka's walk

Blue House Farm
After such an amazing and tiring Saurday, you'd think Luka wouldn't want another walk around Blue House Farm. But oh no... He was so excited to get out there! After going to church as a Scout in the pouring rain and cold, I came back to find Luka ready and waiting at the door. My friend Katherine came round to walk Luka with me(there was some barking there too!) and then off we went. We saw 4 dogs along the way. The first dog we saw was a tiny black&tan Jack Russell puppy(example picture of the puppy is on the left). I whispered to Katherine that it was so small I thought Luka would've eaten it and I was praying out loud that he didn't bark. Being a good boy, all he did was sniff and cuddle this little pooch and it was a lovely sight! Luka is so kind with smaller dogs. 
He looked like this!
The next dog however, Luka wasn't too keen on, a HUGE labradoodle. As we approached, his owner took him to the other side of the road, and all of a sudden Luka began growling and barking. Mum told me later that this was the dog that had previously been spiteful to Luka. The barking carried on for a while which was highly embarrassing(silly Luka!). 
Second dog...
For a while, we saw no dogs, then when we got into Blue House Farm, we saw a beautiful young black Labrador running through the fields. He looked like the one on the left! As he approached, Luka watched eagerly and bounded towards him. They bonded for a while, and Luka even began to walk along with the other owner(I had to shout, "No Luka! I'm your owner, you're going the wrong way!") After we saw that dog, it was a while before we saw another doggie and we admired the scenery. In fact, it was very scary when we went up the river bank and realized the tide had come in! No fence, steep slopes either side and on your left you had a very high tide river! Not fun. We raced back down the hill nevertheless, laughing the whole way. 

Then we had the time to get some pictures of Luka but another dog came along. Once again, no barking, just friendly sniffing. The owners called her away swiftly though and I don't really know why?                                                                                        This is a look-alike of the 4th dog>>
But after all this we did get some good pictures of Luka, all wet from the puddles, all muddy from the fields and all happy from the dogs he'd met.  
Luka and Kath running towards me!

Luka - Dripping wet!
He got a good washing down after his walk, and then he had to be dried. Luka HATES being dried with a towel. He attacks it:D
That's it for now, but soon I'm hoping of blogging about Luka's personality, habits and facts about him! For now, bye:D

Saturday, 9 February 2013

Luka and Lina

After living together for quite some time, you'd think Luka would know when his sister and breeder come to visit............ and you'd be right! From the moment Susanne walked through the door, Luka was all over her! I mean, usually he goes crazy over new people in the house, but not this crazy! This was on another level! After about 10 minutes of cuddles, licks, kisses and a lot of jumping around, we were all ready for Luka to meet his sister Lina. 

When they first met, after spending such a long time apart, there was some barking and even growling, but that was natural. After half an hour on the leads with each other  they went into our back garden for a run around and play-fight. 

They did about 30 laps of the garden :o I don't know how they still had the energy to go on a walk, steal each others drinks, go loopy in our kitchen and play a bit of football!

It was the most heart-warming feeling ever, seeing Luka play with his sister Lina. They are both such beautiful dogs! After a few hours, they went on the walk. A trip to Blue House farm, in other words, a muddy, large and incredibly "exciting" field..... after field..... after field. It's huge! And obviously with a field, comes mud. And water. And birds. And overall the dogs LOVED it. Luka spent his time on the lead as we have learnt that Luka doesn't have a great recall anymore ;) He knows our tricks of how to get him back and does not fool for them anymore:( Lina was "lead-less" if you like and they both had a little splash in the river. 

Luka was crying when everything had to end, whimpering from in his cage, while Lina got in the car. But it was a great day and one to remember!! Think it all wore Luka out a bit though!!

That is one incredibly tired Luka, and a perfect end to our day:) Thank-you Susanne and Lina for making an awfully long journey down here to meet Luka and I hope everyone enjoyed it! I know Luka did. 

He's so tired.. he's crashed out upstairs.. another rule broken!!

P.S: Luka can't be that tired because we all sat down for a korma and once again he came and nuzzled us for food and sat under the table :D

Morning Anticipation

Anticipation built early this morning as we knew Luka's sister Lina and her owner Susanne were coming down to visit. Luka had no idea bless him! (Although we did keep telling him.) But, as a morning should start if you own a dog, Dad was waken up by Luka. Now from the start of Luka's time with us, there were three rules. 

1. No going on the sofa

2. No going on the bed

3. No sitting on people's laps, you're a Lapphund, not a Lapdog.

As you can see, Luka didn't take a liking to these rules, but hey ho :) This morning I got some beautiful pictures of him on the bed and I would've carried on except I had to get ready to meet Susanne and Lina! 

As you can see, Luka didn't seem too bothered about the whole hurry-up-and-get-ready-to-meet-Susanne-and-Lina thing...

Also this morning, we learnt something new. Dogs get bored of the same food everyday! Luka refused to eat his breakfast and even spat some out. Before we panicked too much, we tried the other flavour of food (wasn't that much different, just less fishy.) and what do you know! He ate every last drop! At least we don't have to panic anymore!

Well that's it for the morning, but tomorrow I'll blog about our meeting with Lina and Susanne, I'll leave you hanging on edge;) 


Introduction to Luka!

This is my first blog on here so hello! I'm here to tell the story of Luka, my 20 month old rescue Finnish Lapphund. He previously lived with a lovely lady called Caroline Parry, who took good care of him. Then in the first few days of 2013 he moved in with us, The Stilwell family. I'm Cameron and am 14 years old. My brother is 10 and his twin sister is 10 too (obviously!) My mum is called Nadine and my dad is called David. I want to continuously put photos of Luka on here so everyone knows who he is and how he's doing, but first, I need to show you him from a puppy(or it wouldn't be a story;))

Hope Susanne doesn't mind me "nicking" her pics;) No copyright is intended at all! In fact, if you'd like to see her gorgeous FL's, go to

But anyway, this is our beautiful Luka, aged 11 days!! At this time, he was actually called Anton, but later was renamed Luka. 

And next, him at 2 weeks. Not many markings yet but he's getting there!

Now he's 3 weeks old, all the more inquisitive!

 And at 4 week now he's getting nice and handsome!

5 weeks old now! Bless him sniffing the grass and plants:D

Now being 7 weeks he's ready to leave home, but rearrangements in his homing meant he stayed with his Mum, Dad and sister Lina for longer!

 Looking beautiful at now over 7 weeks, he really does have lovely colours coming through!

And finally a last picture of Luka as a real puppy, playful and friendly. But don't get me wrong. He certainly is playful now! I'm going to say my goodbyes now as my first posting as I have showed you Luka's first weeks alive!! From now on I will update weekly about Luka's life and what hes up to. But for now, bye:D